Logic Pro 9 new track also records all other tracks - help needed


HI all,

I have got this weird thing going on since yesterday and I can't seem to find
an answer to it, not here on the board either so I wonder if one of you can help me out here.

When I record a new track, it records all the previous tracks again as well.
If I use the metronome it records that as well on the track I am recording.
I have been looking but I can't seem to resolve the problem.

Can anybody give me advice here please.

Logic 9

I am running my instruments in to my mixer -> Behringer Xenyx 2442
Mixer runs in to audio interface -> Behringer FCA202
Audio interface in to firewire port on Imac

Audio Interface back to MIxer and while recording I listen through my headphones.

As output from the mixer to the audio interface I use the main XLR outputs
As input to the mixer from the audio interface I use the CD input.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance



lol he was running his audio output from the mixer into his audio input on Logic (therefore everything was being recorded every time)

....the answers in the question.... ;o)

Its not wierd - just a basic misunderstanding of making sure that the outputs you put into Logic are separate from the main mixer stereo outputs
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agreed - asking is always good :eek:) lol

there is however an assumption of 'complication' that often takes place when people have a problem - the idea that it must be something to do with the software they dont 'understand' properly - whereas many times the answer is in really basic stuff: Knowledge which in the old days people would have known simply because they practised it over and over again before technology even reared its head.

Working in Music Tech (then 'Hi-Tech') retail taught me that the answer is nearly always hidden just below the surface of the question. And that its important not to get dragged into the 'complexity' of the confused description of the question. (To remember that the person asking the question is, of course, going to think their problem is complex simply because they dont understand whats going on - and that they therefore are likely to describe the problem in complicated ways)

BigHugs x
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