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Hello there,

I just bought a iMac computer and Logic Studio (having moved over from using Cubase and PCs for many years) and have a couple simple questions if you don't mind.

1. After installing Logic Studio i ran the Software Update utility which i believe updated a number of Logic Studio's applications. In the applications folder i now see what appear to be the older versions of the updated applications with an icon of a circle with a line through it. Are these versions safe to remove from the applications folder?

2. After installing Logic Studio i notice the Garage Band loop explorer no longer contains an entry for Garage Band loops but now contains entries for the Jam Packs and Soundtrack Loops. Is this normal? Do i still have access to the loops that originally shipped with garage band?

p.s. I have never used a Mac computer before so i'm still learning about how things work

Thanks for any help you may provide,

Welcome to the Mac World.

Excellent questions!!!

If you installed the full Logic Studio, I believe it includes GarageBand and Legacy Logic content. So I'm guessing it's all there, but maybe labeled differently?

I'll take a look this evening.

Hopefully somebody will get to this sooner with more definitive answers.

On a side note, Cubase is cross platform so you should be able to run it on your mac as well, to revisit old projects or finish current ones. I'm an old VST user and recently added C5 to my system. There is much I like about C5 but Logic is my primary DAW.
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Regarding #1: I've never seen that before.
Try right-clicking on what appears to be an older version, then select the Get Info to see what the version is.

Then right-click what appears to be a newer version.

If the crossed out versions are older, and the newer version is working without any hiccups, then you can probably delete them. No harm in leaving them around for a while until your sure.

Regarding #2: Are you trying to find the Garage Band Loops from within GB?

I'm pretty sure all your stuff is there.

Your Apple Loops folder will be located in your Mac hard drive>Library>Audio>Apple Loops.

Check inside there. I see a folder named Apple Loops for Garage Band. Inside that are loops named 70s Ballad Drums 01.caf etc.

Your Garage Band instruments should be located in your Mac hard drive>Library>Application Support>Garage Band.
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See screen shot for the path.


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