New user trying to interface with older hardware


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What I have
Apple 10.6.6
Logic 9.1.3
Roland VS-1880
Korg X55
Novation Zero SL MkII
Tascam US 144

I had it in my mind that I could use the Roland VS-1880 as an external digital mixer, pre the Tascam interface.

is there any point in / or any way to integtrate the functions of the Roland via MIDI?

I am also having trouble convincing the Tascam to read the digital input from the Roland.

Can someone set me on the right path?

I wish I could help you with that. I own a roand studio package pro that I would love to use as a control surface, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen.
Roland VS-1880
The 1880 is an 18 track DAW with a built in 28 channel, fully automated digital mixer, optional effects processor, and CD burner. It can play back 18 tracks simultaneously and record up to 8 tracks at once. In total, counting virtual tracks, the 1880 can record using 288 tracks. It also has a function for mastering.

•2 XLR mic inputs with phantom power
•S/PDIF Digital Input & Output
•4 in, 4 out operation (analog, S/PDIF)
•2 analog line inputs (1 switchable to high impedance for use with guitars, basses, etc.)
•1 MIDI input, 1 MIDI output
•USB 2.0 equipped (also supports USB 1.1)
•Up to 96kHz/24-bit for high quality recordings
•Zero-latency hardware monitoring
•Separate headphone output & level controls
•Bus powered for use with any PC or Mac, including laptops

I don't know if Logic would recognize it as an interface, but if it did, you should be able to use MIDI automation. I think it might be better just to sell the Roland and use the money to buy a different audio interface (such as a Focusrite) and use Logic the way it was intended.

Maj G