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Ok Everyone,

I have been using Garage Band for quite some time and are comfortable with it. Just recently swiched to Logic Express 8 for live recording. Purchased a Behringer X1222USB mixer which has 12 inputs.

Here's the issue, when I set up a new project there are only 1-2 inputs that can be selected. What happened to the other 10?

I can record/overdub single tracks all day long, but I need the rest of the tracks available for multi track recording.

What am I doing wrong.

Thanks in advance.

problem may be the Behringer...

As far as I can see that Mixer is only a 2-bus- so the problem may not be with Logic, it may be that the Behringer is only spitting out 2-channels, you need a mixer with more than 2 bus capability to do what you want to do... Logic identifies the Behringer correctly as a 2 channel interface therefore you only see 2 channels, 1-2, the 12 inputs of the Behringer are being mixed down to 2 outputs...

whoever sold you that mixer sold you the wrong thing... check this out as an alternative: http://imsproav.com/main/search/PRESONStudioLive1642.html

This mixer has 20 channels in and spits out up to 18 channels into Logic via Firewire. I know this is a lot more money than the Behringer but none of the cheapo Behringer products will do what you want...
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