Logic Pro X Newbie on Logic Pro X - Kindly Help!


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Hello guys,
this is Kanhaiya here, a musician from Mumbai, India.

I've been working with FL Studio since the past few years, and recently got myself a Macbook Pro and shifted to Logic Pro X. I have just started out and have little knowledge regarding Logic, even though DAWs usually work on same principles.

I had a few queries and would be grateful if anyone could help me out with the same.

1. I have tons of libraries of Native Instruments, Big Fish etc. (EWQL Gold, Alicias Keys, Action Strings etc.) that I have been using with FL Studio. Can I run those libraries on Logic Pro?

2. I have installed Kontakt 5 player. If there's any chance of running those libraries on Logic Pro, how do I proceed?

I'd be grateful to you for your valuable suggestions.


Make sure you authorize the plugs with NI service center app.

Also LPX only uses 64 bit Audio Unit plugs, unless you use a 32 bit bridge app or plugin.

The Audio Unit Manager will detect and validate them, when you boot LPX.

Then open a software instrument track, load the plug in the instrument slot.

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