Logic Pro 9 Newbie question: External Hard Drive for Installation

Ben Oldberg

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Hello Everyone!

I would appreciate a hint on an installation issue. The main installation phase has gone smoothly but my MBP has no sufficient free disc space for the installation of the additional discs I need. When I try to choose an external HD, the wizard tells me the destination cannot be used. How to use all the useful extra discs without installing them on my MBP hard drive?

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I assume you're talking Logic 9 here?

I think you are going to find you have a problem beyond what you're describing. If your system disk is that full, it won't function well. You should have at least 10% free space on your drive, some people recommend even 20%. So clear up your drive or get a larger one.

Then to answer your question, all the loops can be installed elsewhere - start clicking on the little plus signs and you'll see you get a pop-up menu to change location.
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Some of the content must reside on your system drive.

Hard drives are cheap I have a 500GB in my MBP, soon to be 750Gb.
Takes about 30-45 minutes.

OWC has kits that include the tools, and an external enclosure for the internal drive you remove.

Otherwise you have to determine why your drive is full, and what files you can move to an external to free up disk space.

If you have a large iTunes library, Garage Band projects, iMovie, and iDvd projects can be saved to an external drive.

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