Logic Pro 9 Newbie question: How to use filter right?


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Hey there,
how can I use filters right?

Such as I've an audio-sample of 10sec. and I wan't to apply an effect to it, but I want that this effect will change it's settings in between this 10sec. - how can I done this?

I know how to apply an effect, but I don't know how to setup an effect which will change in a set time (such us I want to pitch from low to high in 10sec.).

Thank you!
- bb


Use automation. You can automate the movement of any of the parameters over time. By "filter", do you mean EQ? If you indeed mean a filter, you could set up an LFO or some other modulation source to modulate the parameter (cutoff?) over time. Which "filter" plug-in are you talking about specifically?
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On the track you want to automate the parameter on, select touch or link in the automation enable pop-up on the lower area of tour fader, just above the pan pot.

Then, start Logic up, and move the parameter you wish to automate and then stop Logic. You do not have to put Logic in record, just enable your automation by selecting one of the modes.

Hit your "A" key to enable automation, and you will see on your track area in the arrange window, your automation lane. There is now a new pop-up list you should see, that says "volume". Select this, and you will see a bolded name or category. Follow it until you see the actual parameter name. Select it and you will see the little bit of data you made on your last pass when making the automation data.

Now you can select your pointer tool and click once to make an automation point. If you click on an automation point once it will be removed. You can now make whatever automation you like, and don't forget, Logic has some pretty cool tools for fades or interesting movements.

Once you figure out how to do this, you should be able to go into automation mode (press A to get there, or use the menu command), select the parameter from the list, and make it, without going through the method I described. Me, I still do this first... mutes and bypasses seem easier to find in the parameter list once you created one already.

Have a blast, I personally really love this stuff. A word on using automation for filter sweeps, and automation tricks, try getting a copy of Computer Music Magazine from the UK. They almost always have a video tutorial with a big name dance music producer who will go through how they make their tracks (almost everyone uses Logic, but the tricks work regardless of the DAW). I LOVED the Thomas Gold one from a few years ago. The guy was so open and interesting to watch. In fact, if anyone knows him, please thank him for me, watching him work and go over his methods was so informative, casual, and without secrets. I wish more people were like him...
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Pete Thomas

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I love automation for this kind of thing. I remember back before that was possible, trying to learn how to programme synths to do this, so the note sweeps through filters or pitch and dynamics over time. I t used to make my brain hurt. You can still do this of course with the Logic synths, but automations is so much easier for people like me.
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