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Hello all & thank you for accepting me ! Total newbie here. I'm looking seriously at using Logic Pro for creating backing tracks for my live solo performances. First step is to invest in a Macbook (probably a Pro ?). I've been a Windows guy my whole life...lol. A new Macbook is prohibitively expensive so I'll probably try to find a used or refurb one to start. My question is what kind of specs can I get by with for a couple years (processor, memory, etc) ? At this point I just need a ballpark estimate.

Thanks in advance !


I was amazed that even with my 2012 i5 MacBook Pro which was the cheapest model at the time that I could record 8 tracks at a time with a MOTU 828av interface. I since put in a solid state drive and 16 GB of RAM. I think you can get by with a fairly cheap used one.
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I would go for something around 4 to 5 years old if you can afford it as it will keep you current with software versions etc for awhile. Eventually old Macs become unsupported and you can't update to the current version of Logic. Also convert it to ssd if it doesn't already have one. Years of life...
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