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Just recorded my first session and having issues getting my songs separated so I can burn to a CD as separate Tracks (songs). I recorded four individual tracks (drums, piano, voice, etc.) for each song and recorded a total of 3 songs on a single project.

I need some help in creating breaks for each song so when I bounce them out to a CD they burn as individual songs and not just one long song.

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You need to set the left and right locators at the start and end of the first song. Then click on Bounce (at the bottom of the main Output channel strip, or upper right Tool bar above the Arrange).

Move the cycle locator region so that it's over the second song, then click on Bounce, etc. See attached example.

You can certainly record more that one song in a project, but it might be cleaner to set up the first song, then do a Save As for each one there after.

I'm sure others may have a different take on this.



Hi, if you've already broken up the regions into tracks and they are continuous (ie no cuts in the region(s) within the song) you can select "set cycle location by region" and this will automatically set the cycle (and hence the part of the track that will be bounced down to a stereo file) to the length of the selected region. I think this is under the region menu. Unfortunately (to my knowledge) there's no way of logic burning a cd with more than 1 track so to compile a cd you'll need something like waveburner to assemble the files (which you may already have if you bought the Logic Studio package on disk) failing that, if you have no/little cash you could use iTunes. I suggested waveburner as you may already have it, however if you want to buy something for this job then look at all the options as waveburner can be a bit flakey!

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CSeye & Mike,
Thanks for the replies. I think that you both have confirmed my fears that I would not be able to create a CD ready multi track (song) file that could be bounced directly to an audio CD in Logic 9. I am currently using Logic Express 9.1.8 and I do not think Waveburner was included in that version. I will take another look to confirm. It did occur to me that iTuned could do this post processing task, so I will probably give that a shot. One additional question that you may be able to answer. What would be the format to use to bounce the files for import into iTunes? Would I need to do MP3, or can iTunes import uncompressed files like AIFF, or does it really matter at that point?
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Hi Scott I'm afraid your out of luck as waveburner was only sold with Logic Pro. You can export as aiff/wav iTunes will read these, although iTunes does weird sample rate/bit depth type things so have the resolution and sample rate at 16bit/44.1khz in the bounce dialogue (you'll probably want to use dither, any of the types should be good for you) this should prevent iTunes from messing with the sound.


Some thoughts...
- If you haven't already, create a Your Songs album Folder. Place your existing Logic project folder into it.

- Bounce each of your tunes in your Logic song project to 24 bit 44.1k stereo Aiff (no dither), and no effects on the master bus. Add a one bar at the start, and enough length at the end to capture any reverb tails. Add something to their names to indicate that they are unprocessed ST files. You now have final mixes that could be mastered more professionally later. It's very challenging to try to master stereo tracks that already have significant amounts of processing on the main output bus, as the file have already been cooked so to speak.

- Import these 24 bit files into a new Logic project called Your Songs_Premastering. I would save this project to a new folder called Premaster within Your Songs (YS) album folder. You could add them to one track with a few bars gap in between them. I would also create colorful markers for each one.

Or add each to their own track. In this case, you can more easily compare RMS and Peak levels for each song, side by side in the Mixer by using the mute and solo buttons. Aim for a volume level of between -12 to -6 dB on each tune.

- If there are some volume differences, you can add a Gain plug-in to the tracks which need a volume boost for more even levels between the tunes in relation to the one that is already in the -12 to -6 level.

- Now add effects in the Main Output inserts: Perhaps EQ first for low end roll off before compression (to avoid a bass boost) then gentle Eq for tone shaping followed by the MultiBand limiter, and finally the Adaptive limiter. Or the single band compressor with a low ratio and threshold, EQ, then Adaptive Limiter. Better yet, explore the factory Mastering Channel Strips that are available in Settings pop up on the main Stereo out.

- Bounce again to 24 bit, 44.1 K stereo aiff with no fades and no dither. Name files to indicate bus fx but no trim or fades

- At this point you would bring the pre-mastered files into Waveburner for trimming start and end times, fades, and dithering down to 16 bit. That not being the case, Import the files into yet another Logic project named Mastering, saved to a folder named Mastering inside the YS folder.

Trim the start and ends of the files. You can now add fades at the end if needed. Of course, no effects on the main output.

Bounce to PCM AIFF 16 bit 44100 with dither added. (Experiment using POW-r #2 or POW-r #3). Name them to indicate 16 bit masters...

Set iTunes to import AIFF, import your 16 bit masters, create a Playlist, then burn to disc.