Logic Pro X Newly Recorded Audio Playback Out Of Sync

I am using Logic Pro X 10.3.3 with a MOTU 24i/o interface using El Capitan OS. Have recorded drums and bass with no problems as all audio plays back in sync. Decided to record guitar and set-up for software monitoring in order to use a plug-in for guitar. Set up a buss for the plugin then decided not to record that way. Disabled software monitoring and checked settings. Recorded guitar with no latency issues while recording. On playback guitar is out of sync with previously recorded audio tracks. Recording delay set to 0 samples and i/o buffer size set to 128. Set-up a new project and imported drum and bass files. Recorded guitar with no latency issues while monitoring. On playback of guitar track it's still out of sync with other tracks. Have had this problem before lately but can start a new project and all recorded tracks are in sync on playback including new tracks. I downloaded the latest MOTU driver for the 24 i/o and also removed Logic Pro from my Applications folder and downloaded and installed Logic from the App Store from my purchased software. Same problem. Anybody else have this problem before?
Set up a buss for the plugin then decided not to record that way.

Can you provide more details regading the above? Do you mean you used a send (on the guitar channel strip) to an aux channel where the plug-in is inserted? Which plug-in, Logic's or a third party? What type of plug-in, amp sim, reverb, delay?
I used an audio channel as I always use. Audio 12 to be precise. I then set-up an Aux/Buss channel and inserted a third party plug-in. I then decided that I did not like the sound so I removed the plug-in from the Aux/Buss and disabled the send from audio 12 channel. At this point I had not recorded any audio. I then disabled software monitoring and rechecked my settings to be sure that record delay was at 0 and i/o buffer was set at 128. This is how I have it set at all times and no recording or latency problems at all. I then recorded the guitar which I monitored through cuemix on my MOTU 24i/o and did not hear any latency while monitoring. On payback the recorded wav file had latency with no plug-ins on the recorded track or on the buss. This only seems to happen when I use software monitoring and then uncheck it after recording a track. This is a new problem that I have never had before and only started recently.
Plug-in Latency Compensation is off and nothing has changed on my system. It has been a very rock solid system until recently when I used Software Monitoring. Had used it before with no problems at all. Thanks for your reply.

Peter Ostry

Staff member
Never heard about that, but what if you leave software monitoring off, forever? Would this solve your problem?

My software monitoring is off for years now. If I want to play through Logic I use Aux channelstrips and Auxes do not need software monitoring. They play always.
Peter I can leave software monitoring off as that would be no problem. Having used it before with no problems is what concerns me. It should make no difference and any recorded audio should not be playing late as a consequence. Thanks for your reply.