'NI' Guitar Rig

Can anyone out there give me the steps to get my Novation Keyboard to trigger sounds on Guitar Rig4 via a 'USB' connection into my macbook pro...I believe I have all items connected correctly via Apple 'Sys Preferences' and Fireface 800 sound card ...but for some reason I cant seem to access sounds when playing keyboard?...Help.:brkwl::brkwl:
Guitar Rig 4 is a virtual amplifier program./ As such, it will, alter sounds sent into it while using it as an insert, or if you want to use it in a more untraditional way, as a send/return.

So if you want to use it, select an exs instrument, load a guitar sound, and inset the Guitar Rig plug-in into your first insert.


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I have Guitar Rig but rarely use it. Amplitube seems to work easily. I think one of the main reasons is that guitar rig uses a lot of CPU and the interface takes up loads of screen real estate when it's open, so I just prefer to use Amplitube. Not a good reason I know, but... I should use it more, it's very powerful. You can always bounce sounds to audio to save on CPU as well.