Logic Pro 9 No AKAI Convert in EXS245mkII Options window


I opened my EXS24mkII in Logic Pro 9.1.7 and was going to start converting my AKAI library into the EXS24mkII format BUT, when I depressed the Options button and the list appeared, there was NO AKAI CONVERT listed. There was a GIGA CONVERT, but no AKAI. All my tutorials, etc. said that this should appear in the Options list, but it is NOT there. Can anyone PLEASE help me with this issue???
I'm running 9.1.7 and I DO have an Akai convert option.
Like this:
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Thanks George, I opend Logic in 32 bit mode and saw where the AKAI Convert shows up. Two Questions: You used the term converting, that I understand, but what do you mean by "back to 64bit when CREATING"? Do you mean that when I open Logic again in 64bit mode the AKAI and GIGA samples will appear in the menu list as instruments to be opened and played? Also, I have my NI and Spectrasonics samples stored on external Glyph Drive. Anyway to store converted EXS24mkII (both AKAI and Gigasampler/Gigastudio) samples on this external Glyph drive without going through all types of MAC technical motions and steps, as I am a songwriter with a studio, not a MAC technical wizard? Thanks! :>)
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What I meant was want you think: when you are converting the Akai to EXS, you can only do it in 32 bit mode. Once you have completed the conversions from Akai to EXS, restart Logic in 64 bit mode to create music so you can take advantage of the 64 bit memory effect: more ram can be used.

You will have to move the newly created samples if you don't want them on your main system drive... so be careful if you are running short of space. if there is a way to tell Logic to save to another drive, I'd be happy to know for sure (mind you, using an alias in the Samples folder from the first converted Akai files within your main system drive to another drive might work)...
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