No audio input, all settings are correct (?)


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Hi, been using Logic since it’s emagic days but have struck a crazy making problem.

I am not getting audio from my audio box to a track input. Audio is arriving at Mac (checked in Mac preferences) and the correct device is selected as input and output in logic. Also have selected input 1 & 2 as track input. (Stereo recording obviously)

Have audio if I select “direct” in the track header.

Have track record enabled and input monitoring selected.

There has to some button I haven’t selected, can’t think what it could be though.

Any trouble shooting suggestions?? This has me stumped today.


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My issue is resolved and it was a macOS Mojave update issue.

If anyone else is having an audio input problem after upgrading go to your privacy settings in your Mac preferences and open the microphone tab and allow your Logic program to receive input from the microphone and external devices by ticking the Logic box.

Follow the below link to the Apple help page.



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Well done in finding the solution to your problem, and thanks for taking the time to post it. That "App XYZ wants to use the microphone" message really could be a little more informative.

kind regards