Logic Pro 9 No Audio record from external audio source just clicks..


Hi guys, I have just upgraded to Logic 9 but now I notice I can not record any external audio! All I currently get is a 'tick' sounding click once in a while.

I have re-installed the M-Audio Profire 610 software, deleted the preferences for logic and reinstalled Logic too. Nothing improves.

My spec is:

Logic 9.0.2 (1664.16)
OS X 10.5.8 G5 quad 2.3
16mb ram Mac OS X 10.5.8 9L31a
M-Audio Profire 610
SW: 2.1.2-2/27382 FW: 1.0.1

has anyone else had a click sound issue with no audio?

I am connected via s/pdif. Might there be a sync issue here? just guessing, I have tried different setups with external and internal sync but nothing works as yet.

Thanks in advance.

Also posted elsewhere but Ive been on this issue for two days now and am pretty desperate.
Have you tried to just use your built in MAc sound driver to see if the issue is Logic, or the audio interface? Set your audio driver to built in sound (or something close to that) and see if you hear audio coming out of your computer speaker. try and record audio using this driver as well.

If you get both sound and recordings, the M-Audio driver software is the issue.

Just my 2 cents worth,

George Leger III
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Thank you George but its more about sound getting to Logic, not from. I know an audio signal is getting to the m-audio and to the G5 (seen in the M-Audio control panel) but it is not registering in the record set audio channel strip.
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I have solved it. I was beginning to think this must be something silly since my studio is using very common technology.

The issue was that the input was set to 1 & 2 which before has not been a problem, but more audio preference options seem to have enabled me to choose different inputs in Logic 9 (I know that Logic 9 allows you to choose a different input and output device so a few things have been enhanced it seems).

My s/pdif comes in on channels 5-6 so this was wrong. As soon as I changed it to 5-6 I could see the audio signal entering Logic and could record it.

Thanks for your support anyway, I hope this might help someone else someday.
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