Logic Pro 8 no Low End on Logic project bounces???

Hey Gang,

i've been using Logic Pro Studio 8 for around 3 years now on just some entry level M-Audio monitors... i just recently bought some high echelon speakers and sub (Adam A3X's, 2 of them, and 1 Yamaha HS10W sub) and the sound and clarity is STAGGERING...

but for some reason, when i bounce my projects now... there's little to NO low end at all... i did bounce to an MP3 for the test which i know is a lossy... but i've never seen a degradation of that freq to this degree before...

any ideas on what i'm doing wrong?

any assistance is great appreciated!!


Pete Thomas

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First , test a bounce to a non lossy format.

Second, IMO Logic 8 was never much cop anyway compared to it's forerunners and predecessors, so my advice is to upgrade, and then test.

My experience is that Logic 8 wouldn't do this (though I've heard some bad reports of cracked versions doing weird things)
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Hi Pete,

thanks for the tips bud! i appreciate it...

but for the second part, i'm not sure i really follow, probably just ignorance on my end... but what's IMO ?

are you saying that Logic 8 might be a bit weaker in it's bouncing capabilities than say Logic 9? or one of it's predecessors?
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Pete Thomas

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IMO = "in my opinion"

All I'm saying is L8 is weaker in general compared to 7 and 9. It's not a version I would care to stick with. As I said there were also many cracked versions, presumably you are talking about a legit version, but the upgrade is so reasonable in price and all the advantages of better software all round, that I think you are going o find it hard to get a definitive answer to your question as fewer and fewer people use Logic 8.

It's kind of the Windows NT of Logic (IMO)
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hahah damn, looks like i jumped on the Logic Bandwagon when they were going through their Windows Vista stage haha, i have been thinking about getting the upgrade if it will migrate easily... but yes it was a legit version, i'll probably end up going out and getting myself back up to speed.

Thanks Pete!
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It could be that when you didn't have a sub- you would overcompensate for not having a sub by pumping the bass in your mixes (which might have turned out OK) - now that you have a sub you are hearing bass properly and you aren't 'turning up the bass' so much in your mixing, so the final product is not as 'bassy'

Have you tried to listen to your old mixes through the new speakers to see how they compare to stuff you're mixing now? Also what happens when you defeat the subwoofer and just listen in stereo?
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yeah that might be it actually, i've opened up some older projects with the new sub in place and the eq sounded super wacky now.

but with the new sub it's so full my mixes now have like no low end when i bounce haha... i guess it's just a matter of tuning my equipment properly eh?

but another question for you Eddie... cross-over and/or shelving my low end through my sub... any recommendations on what my high cut / low cut should be set to?
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Well the Yamaha Subs are rated at 30-120 HZ, but the ADAM's are rated down to 60HZ, so you want to probably experiment with a crossover point between 60 and 120, although my first instinct would be to let the sub be the sub and cross at 120. Those ADAM drivers are accurate, but small, and you may get a truer representation of the bass frequencies between 60 and 120 from that sub over the ADAM's. The placement of the ADAM's is important - as the low frequencies are pumped out of those dual front ports. I'm actually curious why you did not choose to match the ADAM's with their own Sub7 Subwoofer...

Also comparing your mixes on a really decent set of headphones and a stereo only version on the ADAM's may help you- but really the answer for you is to spend some time learning the new monitors you have. Monitors are really like any other musical instrument, they all have their own subtle nuances and you really have to become fluent in them to get the best results I think...
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really the answer for you is to spend some time learning the new monitors you have. Monitors are really like any other musical instrument, they all have their own subtle nuances and you really have to become fluent in them to get the best results I think...

Amen to that! I think this is likely the main source of the issues you are having. Logic 8 may have had it's problems; but I don't think they would account for the issues in this situation. That's not to say that an L9 upgrade isn't worth it. It definitely is. But don't expect your mixes to magically sound different just because you will be working in L9.
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yeah i hear ya, the reason why i got the yamaha sub was because i really didnt know anything about subs and the salesman i was working with told me it was the best sub they had for the budget i was working with... probably should have standardized...

I appreciate the feedback on the crossover question, i really have no idea what to do in that realm, i've always just monitored in stereo only, so adding a sub has been exciting but im certainly out of my comfort zone....

but thanks so much for all of the feedback guys!! this has been extremely helpful! XD
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