Logic Pro 8 No Midi Signal from Keyboard


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Okay guys, here is my first post, so cheers! :] Now here is my problem broken down into a nutshell.

I've had logic 8 for some time now and i run it on my macbook pro. It has worked wonderfully for the past several months and i have fallen in love with this program. But now i've run across a problem.

I've always used midi and i've used my Casio CTK-720 as a midi controller. Like i said, i've had no problems with it for the past several months. But recently, all midi input stopped working. Logic doesn't receive any midi data from my keyboard, and whatever i play on my keyboard does not play through my monitors either. I can play the songs and midi data and hear them just fine, yet like i said, i can't hear my keyboard play through the speakers at the same time, and it shows that no midi signal is being processed or received in Logic either.

I have several files, and this has happened to every single one of them, which is telling me that it's not only a bug with one single file. But more so a software and global control issue.

Now, it could possibly be due to a bad USB cord, but i'm not sure. When i plug the usb from my keyboard into my mac, it doesn't show a loading screen for the keyboard like it used to. So it may be that, but i haven't had time to run to the store and pick up another cord yet today. So i'm posting this in hopes of some responses before i get the chance to run to the store later.

All help is much, much appreciated!
Glad you got it sorted.

There are various free midi monitoring apps to check problems such as this out, allowing you to eliminate the Logic side of things.
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