No sound from digital input on ULN-2


I posted this on the Metric Halo forum but thought I'd post here as well because I'm not sure that forum is very active. Hope that's ok as I'm at a bit of a loss..

I have a ULN-2 + DSP without the 2D upgrade. My version of the MIO Console seems to have no mixer or routing windows, I think because of the absence of the 2D card(?) Anyway, I am trying to figure out how to hear the signal that is coming from something plugged into the S/PDIF input on the back. In my Console I/O Control window the Digital inputs are registering a signal but I can hear nothing over my speakers with the monitor control turned up. Also, nothing shows up in an audio track in Logic (which does register a signal if it's coming from one of the analogue inputs, so I know that is set up right). I see no way in either the box or the console to switch from analogue to digital inputs for the signal source. I remember the old versions of the Console used to have a Routing window where I think you could control this sort of thing but the latest version doesn't have that, in my setup anyway.

So, how do I get the sound from the digital input to the outputs? Is this possible without the Mixer or Routing windows?