Logic Pro 9 No Sound from MOV file

I have loaded a .mov file into logic. I can get the picture to play however, I don't get the soundtrack on the video. I can play soft-synths and they sound. I have played the video in Quicktime and know that it has dialogue. I have gone into settings>video>sound output and selected system sounds. I must be missing something simple. If you have a suggestion, it is much appreciated.



Don't forget to turn up the little volume fader within the QT window inside Logic. It defaults to being off (all the way down) when Logic loads it in.
Yes, that's it


Yes, that's it. Thank you. BTW, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Logic 9 Qwik Trix video. Lots of good content in there. I would like to understand Environment, Transformer and Hyper Editor better. Perhaps the folks at Groove 3 would agree to do one focused on those advanced tools.



Hey Larry,

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying them. I'll forward your comments on to the publishers and see what they think.
While we're at it, Eli, I've been going through ALL entire Groove 3 tutorials via the All-Access Pass. Great stuff by the way. I now intend to do it all again for the info that's already leaked out of my porous cranium.

I was surprised that apparently none of the Logic tutorials spent more than a passing glance at Scoring! Wow! That is one of my main intents with the software--and the manual is cruel! :)

Pass that on to Groove as well, if you will.

-- Gerry


I think I touched on it very basically in Logic 9 Explained. And I made it a point of using it in some of the Qwik Trix videos to demonstrate some of the MIDI editing functions. But you're right. There's no real comprehensive coverage of the score. I will pass it along.
Agree with GScott

Agree with GScott, I have got 'em all and am in the process of a second viewing.

Re: Scoring, absolutely agree. Its not well covered in either the Groove 3 or the Apple Pro Training. I have picked up enough to get by, but more training would be helpful. Scoring is the only part of Logic that I am not too pleased with. If I need to do something that requires significant notation, or if I am just thinking that way, I will use Sibelius vs. Logic. I expect that there are others who prefer Finale (also an excellent notation program).