Logic Pro 8 No sound in Arrange window, but sound everywhere else??


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Since today I have a weird problem with a Logic Pro 8 project. When I want to play back the project in the main window, I have no sound, and the meters of all the tracks stay down and don't show any activity, although there are regions with sound, and no tracks are on "mute" or "solo" or whatever... the faders are up and all tracks are routed to "Out 1-2"... however, when I click on a region and open it, for example, in the Sample editor, I have sound again. Very weird.

I didn't change anything anywhere, it just happened. It is also just this one project, all other projects still work. I have no clue what the problem is, since I REALLY didn't do anything... can you help me?


Not that I have a solution to this, but the fact that the audio editor does make sound, could be a hint. The audio editor plays everything though the channel configured in the little "cha" box (not sure if it still looks like that in Logic 8, I'm still stuck in 7) :) so if there is some hidden mistake in your audio environment, that audio channel should still work. (Note that this is NOT necessarily the track the audio is on in the arrangement!) In that case you can figure out what is the difference between that channel and the ones you use in the arrangement.

If that channel doesn't work either, I guess you just hit a bug in Logic 8. :)


double check you have no solos or mutes in both the arrange window AND the environment window. ( not the track mixer THE environment mixer layer)
you dont say what I/O you use so if you have one with multiple outs change the routing to another pair say 3-4 does it work then? and try changing it to the mac line out , work then?

check for automation nodes gone wrong... if you have automation nodes fading out at the end of the track, but no nodes at the front of the track, sometimes Logic wont reset the automation when you get to the front of the track ( it is waiting to " see" a node) put some nodes up the front for it to see when it runs over them.

try turning off all the plug ins

try turning off all the virtual instruments



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There are no Solos or Mutes in the mixer nor in the environment mixer layer. Turning off all plugins and VSTi's doesn't help. There is no automation. All tracks are routed to the standard output channel (Out 1-2), as usual. I am using an apogee duet with newest drivers as I/O device, but switching to another interface like Built-in I/O doesn't help. Reinitialize Core Audio doesn't help... you get the idea. It's still like that: the sample editor plays, the MIDI editor too, but the main window stays silent and all meters stay dead.

@Maurits: What is that about the "cha" box in the environment? I have no idea what you mean, but it sounds interesting. Maybe I accidentally hit some strange key command and broke something in the environment?

I noticed another strange thing which seems to have happened simultaneously: a new empty track named "No Output" appeared which wasn't there before. Could that mean anything?

Thanks so far.