No Sound W/ Too Many Plug-ins


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I'm relatively new to logic, and when I'm making a song, if I have only a few tracks it seems to overload the cpu.. the biggest factor in this happening is when I am working on a guitar track and try using podfarm's amp simulation with any combination of podfarm fx or logic fx it may work until I try to record, and then it won't play back any sound.. but if I can recall I think it did record whatever I was inputting, I just couldn't hear it (I may be wrong about that).

Also, I can hear a slight popping sound when I hit a note on my midi keyboard.. I remember reading something about adjusting the buffer size I think to fix this? But how would I do that and does it come at a cost to the sound quality?

I'm trying to troubleshoot how to make logic run more efficiently and not overload itself, so wondering if anyone out there has any tips or if I missed some little-known ways of fixing these problems.

I found this in my search:

wonder if the info would be of any use to anyone here, I'm not wicked tech savvy or anything. Thanks

btw I'm working w/ apple's 4g processor, which I thought would be enuf, but I hear it's really no different with the 16..