Logic Pro X no sound when opening Logic 7 project in Logic X 10.3.3

old Logic 7 project opens in Logic X but there is no sound. I can only hear individual tracks in Audio File Editor or Project Audio. In main window, play head moves but meters and CPU/HD meters show nothing. I had a similar issue in the past when opening an older project in Logic 9 but realized that I needed to go into the Environment and change the setting for each track from ASIO to Core Audio. However, this option doesn’t seem to exist in Logic X. If I want to move this project into Logic X in a usable form, do I need to get it working correctly in Logic 9 first, then save it, then open it in Logic X? Or is there a way to bypass the tedious procedure of changing the setting on 70+ tracks and working my way through three Logic versions? Sometimes, I’ve opened other old projects and I’d just get a dialog box asking me if I wanted to convert the project’s setting from ASIO to Core Audio-obviously, that was easy-however, it’s not happening in this instance.
never mind..answered my own question. I needed to open and save the project in Logic 7.2.3, then it would open in Logic X with no issues. (Logic 9 as well, for what it’s worth). I didn’t realize it had been saved in an earlier version of Logic 7, hence the problem.