Logic Studio apps No Volume in MS2???



New to MS2 and can't seem to get my volume on my guitar to work through MS2. I can see my signal in MS2 on Track View registering as I strum but can get no output in speakers or headphones. I've adjusted the Master Volume within MS2 once I create a project but still nothing. My set up is M-Audio Fast Track / Mac Pro Laptop.
If you see the level in the output channelstrip you must hear it. Maybe your audio device settings are not ok? Do you get sound in Logic? Have you checked the Mainstage preferences? Normally you want input and output as "System Setting". This way you have nothing to change when you switch to Mainstage.
Peter's reply is right on. If the master volume in MainStage shows signal then you'd have to think the problem lies with the audio preferences. If your system works with GarageBand, Logic, iTunes, etc. it should work with MainStage. Check your MainStage audio preferences settings.