Logic Pro Noises When Transferring Blackface ADAT tapes into Logic Pro X


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Hello everybody. I am a singer/songwriter in Nashville, TN and would appreciate the help anyone can offer. I have a number of sessions on multiple ADAT tapes that I am trying to transfer into Logic Pro X running on a 2012 MacBook Pro with 1tb SSD. Here is my setup:

I have one blackface ADAT which is being controlled by a BRC. I am using the lightpipe out of the back of the ADAT into a Behringer UMC 1820 and out of that into the MacBook via usb cable. I am running a 1/4" mono cable out of the "Sync Out" port at the back of the BRC and into one of the Behringer's line inputs. This allows me to lay down a sync track as I am transferring the first tape using the "Generate Sync" function on the BRC. In Logic, I have the sample rate set to 48 kz. and the frame rates match at 29.97 fps. After recording the first tape, I route my sync track back into the BRC which is set to "External Sync" so that it syncs up the subsequent tapes. All of that works great.

The problem I am having is that occasionally there are digital pops and crackles on the tracks. They are not loud, but they are noticeable. I have tried different frame rates, with no success. As a matter of fact, I tried transferring 8 tracks without the sync track altogether and they are still there, so I don't think it is a SMPTE issue. Also, as a test, I ran 1/4" cables out of the analog outputs at the back of the ADAT into the interface and the tracks were clean with no pops or buzzes. This tells me that the noises are not on the tape itself, but some setting that I do not have right on Logic.

If anyone has any ideas or guidance, I would greatly appreciate it. I hope my explanation has been clear enough.
Thanks in advance.