Non-Apple monitor? Heresy!


I've been a happy Mac user for over 20 years, so have no idea what else is out there, but that time may have come.

I use iMacs (21.5 and 27) for Logic at two locations. I like the font and icon sizes in Logic on the 21.5" model, but it's not a big screen. The 27" has more space, but the pixel resolution is so high that I find the fonts in Logic uncomfortably small. This is just age I fear. The new iMac models don't offer anything new in terms of managing resolution and I find using the non-native resolutions just too unattractive.

So, I am thinking of trying a fully loaded Mac Mini with a 3rd party monitor, perhaps a 30" beast but with a similar pixel count to Apple's 27" . In this way I am hoping to get everything at a comfortable size and plenty of screen real estate.

Anyone else have this problem and tried this kind of solution on a Dell or other make?