Logic Pro 9 Non-responsive channels


Hey all,

I wanted to see if anyone has experienced this and whether you might have an idea on how to solve it:

If I use the 'bounces region in place' or 'new track with duplicate setting' commands in Logic 9 (regardles of the version, it seems), the resulting new track does not respond to automation or show visual feedback on the channel that the audio is playing. The track does play the audio, however, and it does respond to the fader movements, but they do not respond to automation (it even shows the automation data on the track.

Highly frustrating, to say the least. Seems like a bug to me, but there may be something I'm missing. I do have a great deal of tracks in my template, and these unresponsive ones are pretty high up there on the count (Audio 50, 51, etc.).

Any ideas are much appreciated!


I'm on a MacPro (2008) with 24gb in it, MOTU 828mkII interface.