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I just wanted to drop a quick line to say I am grateful for this site as I have been checking it out. I bought a mac last year after

years of PC use and I love it to say the least!

I started getting back into music after 10 years of pursuing other stuff like work etc. I found an Archer's Organ Book from Chicago in

my parents house 10 years ago and used to enter the notes into my computer via Cakewalk (prob first edition) and would play the songs

back via midi to a Roland Juno 2. I still have the Organ book which is some 100+ years old but wish I had the Juno 2 still.

I am interested in learning how to work with Logic Studio 9 which I have on my mac. Here is a list of gear that I have:

Apple iMac 2.8ghz Xtreme Core 2 duo Intel 24" Screen
Ram is maxed at 4gb
Logic Studio 9
Native Instruments Komplete 5
Adobe Creative Suite CS4
Final Cut Pro 2
Reason 4.0.1

PC - 2ghz Core 2 duo / 4Gb Ram
WIndows 7 Ultimate 64bit edition
Soundblaster Audigy Z Platinum
(Fruity loops 9, Reason 4.0, bunch of VST instruments)

M-Audio Keystation 49+
Roland PC-300
Behringer 4 channel mini mixer
Akai MPD16 - drum pad controller
Emagic mt4 - USB midi bridge
Buffalo 8x Blueray External Burner
Stack of 500gb External Storage drives

Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 Analog Synthesizer
(This was recently given to me by a co-worker! It's in mint condition
but needs repair. Only the tune pad lights up. The battery needs obvious replacement.
Needs investigation further.Has midi ports on it through.)


MOTU | UltraLite-mk3 - Hybrid FireWire/USB 2.0 Audio Interface

So that's my intro and hope to get involved more and learn to effectively use Logic Studio to
create something. I want to be able to do some recording for my neighbor and his band eventually.
I am just starting with basic keyboard but practice chords and scales everyday. I am not able to read music
and play but have taken music theory in college.

Thanks for reading!

Mike NElson
So. Cal.



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YO! I am having problems getting my MPD16 to work with Logic/my Macbook Pro. Did you ever get any info or get yours to work with your setup? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks YO!
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No, I never did find a resolution, you just have to run the older OSX versions if you want to avoid spending big $$$ for all new gear to run 10.9.x

They force you to buy new gear nowadays. :brkwl:
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