Logic Pro 9 normalize many clips


I did a remote video shoot the other day. There were 4 mics used and recorded to disk with timecode. I used the Sound Devices 664 mixer/recorder. I am able to bring in each "take" that has each of the 4 mics into the arrange window. I am able to move each "take" to its original timecode location, very cool.

But.....I need to normalize each clip in the arrange window. Is there a way to do that to all clips at once WITHOUT having to take each clip to the sample editor. It seems that the Sample Editor is the only place where you have access to the Normalize function. I may try to automate this need by writing an Applescript to batch process all clips to open in Audacity, normalize, then save.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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that is an option, maybe 6-8 dB of gain would get me where I want to me in volume.

I still would like the ability to batch normalize......guess you cant do it in v9, maybe v10 that just came out. Thanks for your thoughts.
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