Not music, but maybe interesting to some: published a novel

Orren Merton

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Hi all,

When I'm not writing music, or books on Logic, I'm writing fiction. I just released my first ever novel, an urban fantasy tale (meaning there's a vampire, but not sparkly teen-in-love daywalker, but a real old skool vamp! ;) ) called The Deviant.

You can download the first half of it free from my website (or read it online, if you wish).

You can buy a hardcover or paperback version at your favorite online retailer such as Amazon [the link is to the US store, but it's also available in the Canadian and UK stores]). You can also buy a Kindle, Nookbook, or iBook version if you like eBooks.

Okay, enough shilling from me. Thanks, and if you give it a read, enjoy!