Logic Pro 8 Note length in Piano Roll?


Hi again! I don't see any difference in length in the Piano Roll 16th's and 32nd's and it's driving me to distraction. They should be 16th triplets which I created using the n-tuplets sign, but they keep changing to 32nd's which Logic warns me are to many to fit in the bar[?]. I have tried changing the length in the Piano Roll but it has no effect on the score display-I must be missing some other basic logic thing that has slipped my mind, any ideas?


Still strange score behavior

I Thank you Peter and others, but the score has a mind of it's own and it needs a fix. Beaming and unbeaming [with KC's] causes random changes from 16th to 32nd and back, 10.5.7 is coming and I hope it re-vamps these things-it's a waste of time as is,Thank you all very much though
Maybe one of this recent answers solve your problem:

Change the division to 12 or 24. It's in the transport underneath the time signature.
Uncheck this two options:



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