Logic Pro 9 note velocity key command?


Hi, this is my first post. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
My issue is very specific. In the piano roll, I'd like to be able to select a note and adjust its key velocity up/down by single increments - using key commands assigned to, e.g., the up/down arrows. Are there any key commands available for this purpose?
I've been trying to use the velocity tool for this - clicking and dragging up or down - but its sensitivity is too coarse to allow key velocity increments by +/- one.
If there are no key commands available, are there any quicker solutions than the velocity tool, Transform window, or Hyper editor?
If you don't mind doing this in another window, use the event list. You can have them both open, selecting note in Piano Roll. Quickly tab to event list to modify velocity.

To make this work, open key command window and search using "increase" and "decrease". Assign key commands (or use existing if available). Mine are the plus and minus signs to change the selected parameter one increment.

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Just to add two points to what Doug said:

1. You might find the Event Float useful for your needs. It's a like a mini "one line" version of the full Event Window. You could select your note in the Piano Roll, as Doug suggests, and then use the single line Event Float to edit it.

2. The other thing that I find a bit finicky is that in order for the increase/decrease commands to work, you need to actually "select" the parameter you want altered. So, in the Event Window, you may find you will still need to use the mouse to actually click on the velocity parameter. Once it is selected though, you can use the key commands to move around. I haven't check this, but you may even be able to arrow up/down to neighboring notes and still have the same (velocity) field remain active.

2b. I'm not sure if the increment/decrement command will work in the Event Float (I'm not in front of Logic at the moment to test it and can't recall from memory).
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Thanks, Eli, I've actually tried all of the alternatives you've suggested. It's just that I often find myself wanting to quickly refine various note velocities as I audition my keyboard takes via the piano roll. As I do, I am able to quickly correct note pitch mistakes using option-up/down arrow key commands. I can quickly adjust note duration using option-left/right arrow key commands. A similar solution for quickly adjusting key velocities would make me very happy. I'm surprised it isn't available. The other methods, including Event Float, are just too futzy, IMO.
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