Logic Pro 9 Notes dropping in AU plugins

Hi All,

I am experiencing a strange issue with sustained notes occasionally dropping out when playing back au plugins in realtime.

I don't think it's a typical polyphony problem (going over the max polyphony) as it tends to happen when merely playing sustained string parts with both hands or when playing regular grooves in BFD2, especially on cymbals (the longer notes). The strings I've been using are in LASS in Kontakt if that helps.

The other reason I think it is not a polyphony maxing out issue is because the machine having this problem is an 8-core mac pro machine

For some reason I suspect it may be related to the lynx card in the machine.

This is really rendering the machine almost unusable at the moment it is so annoying. I would greatly appreciate any tips and help on this issue.

Many thanks
Well if you think it's the card, use the built in mac sound to test this theory. If it still happens with the built in audio, it's not the card.

Try this and let us know what the result was...
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