Novation Automap


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I am wondering if I'm the only one having a constant issue with the Automap software. I had trouble in Logic 9 and hoped it would improve when I upgraded to version X but to no avail. Automap was supposed to do all these wonderful things like automatically mapping your sliders and dials to your DAW and plugins but in real life all it causes is grief. The Novation Automap site is no help at all because they never offer solutions just that they're working on it but no solution is ever made available. I am using an Impulse 49 keyboard that is supposed to work with the Automap software. I ask those of you out there that have the same controller keyboard, having you managed to get Automap to work properly with the keyboard or have you just bailed on it and just assign the controllers when you need to with the Midi learn function?

thank you, any help is appreciated!
I bought a SL49 Mk II about 2 weeks ago. I got so frustrated with Automap 4 I took it back to Guitar Center and Got a AkaiMPK 249. Now, I have to memory learn and save presets (just like in Automap 4) but I have a better drum pad set...haha.

Plus, with AM4 "wrapped plugins" it took FOREVER for Logic to load each time I tried to launch it. It kept scanning every single plugin like it was new.

The mapping in AM4 was bunk. It was so whacked that knobs and faders controlled things I never wanted to control ever. The most obvious controls I wanted were either not mapped or buried 3 layers Main Volume, Pan, Mute/Solo where are you?? oh, here you are spread out over 3 pages....totally weird.

Yeah, I bought into their marketing hype, but I'm glad I got off that train.
thanks for your reply but I'm afraid I stuck with the train thinking that they were going to resolve the issue but it never came. When I had to buy a new interface I would have thought of Focusrite but because of this piece of crap Automap I went with an Apogee Duet and glad that I did since it's excellent. It's funny you bought the MPK because that's exactly the one I was considering as an alternative but got caught up in the hype of "this controller does it all!"