Novation Remote 37 as Midi control and rhythm unit with Logic Studio?


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I have just started using Logic Studio and need something to double as a controller/rhythm section at my home studio as above. I have a good ear for new melodies and general song construction but coming originally from an acoustic guitar background I do not easily come up with rhythmic ideas. Listening to some sample on youtube it seems these Novation remotes can be tweaked in fairly flexible ways. The are going fairly cheaply these days but I am wondering about compatibility with Logic Studio. I am a bit 'old school' and I prefer fingers on knobs technology. I was hoping to direct the Novation rhythm stream into my Logic songs, and then edit and or substitute instruments from my Korg X5d or inbuilt Logic sounds. Is this sensible thinking?
Would this machine work or are there better alternatives for similar value?
Novation reMotes

These are just controllers, they do not produce any sound on their own or produce any 'rhythms' except what you play into them. They do allow you to control instruments and effects in Logic. But they do not play music for you.

If you mean drums and percussion (beats) when you say 'rhythms,' Native Instruments makes a great drum controller and drum sample library that might be useful to you:

I use it- works great with Logic : )