Logic Pro X Nudge/shuffle region left and snap to region end on other track


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I'm editing podcasts in Logic Pro X. So I put each speaker on a separate track, and use Remove Silence to create regions on each track with speech. This makes editing really great since cutting content is just a matter of dragging in one of the ends of a region. Or cutting entire sections is as easy as selecting the regions and deleting them

This does however leave empty space each time I cut something, meaning I have to select all the regions after the empty space which is easy (select the first one, press Shift+F) and drag them over to the left so the first dragged region starts where last region before the empty space ends, which is usually on a different track. when editing a podcast I do this like a hundred times or so, so I was wondering if there is a hotkey or automation I can use that does this for me.

There is Edit > Move > Shuffle Left, which shifts all selected regions to the left until it hits the end of an existing region, but only does this on the same track. It also removes all empty space between all the selected clips, and I want to keep that empty space (just like when I am dragging).

To illustrate:

I sart with this situation. The highlighted region needs to be trimmed a bit. I do this by simply dragging in he start of the region.

That leaves me with this situation in which I want to move the selected region (and all other following regions) left.

This is the result.

Is there anyway to do this just with key commands or other automation tricks?


you want "Select Following" - adjust your region, press "shift-F", drag the current region to where you want it...all the following will move as well.


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Yes, I know that’s exactly what I’m doing now ;)

My question was if there is a key command to do the movement part of my workflow. If so, I could automate this part of editing and hopefully prevent some RSI issues that are starting to come up.


If you can put the playhead at the spot where you want things to move to your workflow would be

click the playhead into position
select and modify the region
click "shift F" to select following
click ";" to move the region to the playhead

all of the following regions move appropriately.