Obsolete Logic User Group home page...


Not intending to be pesky, but Logic Pro X is out since quite a while now...
Maybe it's time to update the Logic User Group home page, just to prove to newcomers that we still exist...


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Yup-we know.

We're actually discussing not simply updating the news page, but even more of the forum. More soon!

It's now November 2014 and there are no changes as promised above.
The LUG home page is still outdated.

Not complaining.just prodding.
No worries, Colin. Believe it or not, we've been trying to sort out things semi-regularly since Pete's last post. We've demo'ed various updates and even new software packages, run various development servers, and so on. I know it seems like absolutely nothing has happened, because outwardly that is the case.

The bottom line is that back end we went with originally is going to have to change, one way or another, for us to move forward, but to do it haphazardly would be to lose members, posts, articles, or all of the above. We've been erring on the side of caution, so there's no long down time, or anything missing/mucked up. Combine the "invisible" work we're doing with the fact that we're all volunteers doing this on our available time, and that's how 4 months go by.

I can't promise we'll finally get everything sorted in December, if we don't, it shouldn't be long into 2015. FWIW, we're as disappointed as anyone that things have been taking this long!

Thanks for prodding,
Very welcome! And remember—this is an ongoing process, so never hesitate to give suggestions and feedback!