Logic Pro 8 Odd Behavior G.Band to Logic 8

I often use G.Band 09 to put ideas together and import files in Logic.
G.Band seems to have some problems with Master Track tempo adjustments.
Once tempos are adjusted and saved, the next time I try to work with them, different tracks sound are moved around and unsync'd. WIERD.
I was able to reproduce this numerous times and decided to move the song to Logic and adjust the tempo there.
I got a message saying " Warning! This project was created by a newer Logic Pro version" (not possible) I use 8.02
also...this file may not behave normally.
Once in Logic the odd tempo behavior continued. I am not able to make any adjustments to the tempo.

Any suggestions, ideas, help???

Will Brecht
I've had a several problems working with GB files, as a writer I'm working with will start up a song in GB and then email it to me to open in Logic. Aside from having to reconfigure the outputs on every channel, I've had issues (randomly) with virtual instruments playing in the wrong key, both virtual and audio tracks playing in the wrong tempo and/or shifting forward or backward in time. Oh, and audio occaisionally refusing to play at all until new tracks are created. This is all happening after the song exists in Logic and has been saved numerous times with new names, etc. Also levels will change spontaneously while a project is open (and sometimes drastically-there's nothing like a fader moving from 20 to 110 by itself to give you a jolt). I can see the usefulness of GB, but Apple's claim that projects can be moved seamlessly from GB to Logic seems optomistic to say the least.
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