Thank you for making this plugin. It is the best damn virtual distortion pedal ever made. It doesn't try to be anything else. As a result, I use it in front of head and amp simulators all the time. Ohmicide has become an integral part of my sound. Kudos to Ohm Force for such a kick-ass effect!

Hint to new users: spend 20 minutes clicking on every possible switch, dial and fader. You'll thank me. This plugin can feel a bit daunting due to the interface design, but once you know exactly what each little thing does, you'll have supernatural powers at your disposal... and there will be casualties! 😀
I'm giving Ohmicide a try ... are there any seasoned users who can suggest settings that will help me emulate Justin Hayward's Moody Blues lead guitar sound? See this video:
lead run begins at the 2:47 mark.

It's a very ringing, sustained guitar sound with clear but gentle fuzz and some obvious trimming of the high end. I've been to countless forums and real and virtual guitarists have been wringing their hands trying to duplicate this sound.

Let's put some challenge/fun here

The first one to post here an short explanation on how Jesse could achieve this particular sound he wants, using the Ohmicide:Melohman, and including here a link letting anyone download the preset in question (that you'll host somewhere)..

will win an Ohmicide:Melohman as reward, no discount for next purchase, no strings attached, just a killer distortion for free.🙂

(of course Jesse himself will give his feedback about the tip quality)