Logic Pro 8 OK so I pressed the wrong button ( Automation)


I created an Arrange track for one of the auxs and mistakenly allowed it to copy automation data. It looks like it copied the data from the track immediately above. I didn;t spot this until I had already created new automation data ( by hand).


looking at the automation in Arrange, I see a number of lines that are dimmed, indicating that the track parameter automation vector is not currently selected.

How do I find out what vectors are associated with which automation graphic line?

( If I have several plugins, including those from the track I mistakenly copiid from - so it isn't easy to check everysingle parameter by hand. eg the stereo tool has shedloads of parameters)

Option click the little disclosure triangle at the bottom of the automation lane. It will reveal a unique lane for each of the used parameters that have existing automation. And you will be able to see in the header of each automation lane what the parameter being used is and where it is from (if you click hold on it).
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