Logic Pro 9 Old Emagic XS Key + Logic pro 9


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i have a snow leopard machine and an old copy of logic Pro 6 with a blue emagic key + a logic Pro 7 upgrade..I want to buy an upgrade for Logic 9 however am not convinced this will work.

Does anyone know if you can install the 9 upgrade using these old keys?

Apologies a. if i haven't given enough info and b. if this would be better suited for a topic else where on the forum.

Many Thanks
I have installed both the Logic 8 and Logic 9 upgrades using either a 5.5 Logic Platinum or a 5.5 Logic Gold Emagic key. That's as far back as the upgrades go, as far as I know, so Logic 6 should be fine. And like MMM42 says, you will need the key if you ever have to reinstall the upgrade.
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