Logic Pro 7 & earlier Old EXS24 Presets/Names from 7.1.1 (and earlier) to Logic Studio



I was wondering can I copy, drag, export old presets from 5, 6, 7 into Logic Studio EXS24 9.1.1? I've just gone to a new iMac i7 and opening old files the names are no longer available. I'm assuming the EXS24 is the same basically and the presets are just numbers for the EXS24 to recognize, right?

My old G4 is dicy running, but before it totally goes to that dark corner of a bedroom for permanent rest, I'd like to salvage these presets/names if possible. Doable? I DO have a back up of "everything" in a remote Lacie, but when I migrated my old settings over for other plugins, templates, channel strips, etc., I don't recall seeing those old Logic 5 and Logic 6 sound/preset folders. (Maybe I need to fire it up and look again)

Thank you in advance of as usual great input.



Hi Tim,

What exactly do you mean by "presets" when referring to the EXS 24?

If you are referring to sampler instruments, yes, there's no problem just dragging them across into your current 9.1.1 sampler instruments folder. Of course you need to make sure the associated samples are also availabel on the new system.

If you are referring to the presets that appear under the load/save/next /previous commands in the drop down menu at the top of the EXS 24 plug in interface, yes you can transfer those as well. Those will be available to you in the plug in settings folder, in the EXS 24 sub folder. Drag those across to the new system and you should be fine. Of course the associated sampler instruments and samples need to be accessible on the new system for them to work.
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