Old interface not recognized by new mac

Imac 10.12.3 3.3 GHz Intel Core i5 . 16 GB Ram MOTU Traveler MK3 (latest drivers)

Just bought this dandy new computer and hooked up my interface with no problem. Everything worked fine. Then intermittently, the traveler became disconnected wth the computer. I simply disconnected the usb chord and then reconnected and the computer recognized the interface. For some unknown reason, my interface will not connect any more. Tried rebooting but that did not work. I called apple and they said that the interface is simply too old. Is this BS or do I really need to go out and buy another interface? Thanks for your help.

Pete Thomas

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It could be te MOTU drivers aren't compatible with Sierra:

Current versions of all MOTU software products and most hardware drivers available at motu.com/download (latest versions) appear to be compatible with Sierra, although final compatibility testing is still on-going. Please make note, however, of the required driver updates below.

I would contact MOTU

called apple and they said that the interface is simply too old. Is this BS

Maybe maybe not. It may be too old for the latest version of OS X is probably what they should have said.

It could be that that interface isn't too old, but that the computer is too new.


Even if you've got the latest driver running, try reinstalling it. I found I had to reinstall a few things after the Sierra update.


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Spent hours trying to figure out what happened to my old/mbox sound when I upgraded from tiger to snow leopard. Don't have time to describe all the things I tried from removing supposedly non compatible programs such as parallels causing audio issues to removing interfering bezel scripts. +++etc. In the end I had to downgrade my OS back down to leopard 10.5 from 10.6.8. and use a stand alone driver because protools is associated with it. In the fine print of the avid drivers it states that playback is only supported up to 10.5 for my old/mbox external sound card. Thats why I could no longer see it in my apple prefs. Here's the thing; it still connected with logic daw and reason but. But my itunes or mp3 could only be heard through crappy internal mac speakers. I did not really have the time to delve into fixing the problem when I first noticed it approx 2 years ago.Know now!! Yah I know that I should and will upgrade to a better sound card in the future with a new apple computer because of firmware limitations which prevent me from upgrading any further . I guess the
$3400 for my mac pro and yes the $1100 for the logic 7 with dongle is not enough for apple. Apple tech was only helpful for reconfiguring system only after 3rd call in. Believe me this type of thing is not condusive to making music. I'm learning that you almost have to be an engineer to do this stuff, when all we want to do is make music and record it. The first part is way easier. My peace of advice is before you buy/upgrade/add anything to your gear better make sure that everything is compatible including reading all those instruction/specs/pdf manuals before u do anything. Even having an trebas engineer as a friend does not mean he can solve my issues all the time.Be prepared to do all the ground work yourself.Hope it helps. One interesting piece of advice my engineer buddy gave me, was to avoid adding new sounds/ sound gear etc and try to create music with what u already have especially knowing all the headaches u can run into by increasing and adding. Logic 7 & up has more than enough to create anything u want! Just add vocals ..
even that is not necessary.P.S the driver was the issue,everything good now.