Logic Pro X Old Kontakt 4 instance (can I load Kontakt 5 or 6 instead?)


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I've got an old archive project I need to grab some stuff from. But it has a few instances of Kontakt 4 which would have been all the rage at the time..

I don't have K4 anynore, can't get it and have a feeling it won't run on newer machines anyway. Bu the libraries and samples are all compatible with K5 or K6.

Trouble is when I open the project as Logic X it just has the K4 instance greyed out. I can of course just change it for K5 but that doesn't help becuase the prest used and all the parameters are in teh Logic project.

Is there a way of forcing Logic to open the later K5 instrument instead of tryingto find K4 which isn't there?