Logic Pro 7 & earlier old mac files conversion to pc

I have lots of old logic audio files recorded using macs which I now which to use on pc daws such as cubase and ableton live. i used transmac to copy all the files over from mac cdroms but the audio files are not being read on the pc. I thought that logic always wrote audio in SDII format which pcs are supposed to be able to read with the right software. At the moment the pc daws cannot even recognise what type of files they are let alone import them.

If anyone can advise me i would be very grateful

thanks pete but my pc is not even reading the files i imported via transmac. does that suggest that one of the settings for transmac wa incorrect? am i correct in assuming that logic 5 about 10 years ago) wrote audio in sd2 format?

Pete Thomas

Staff member
Sorry, can't help you there I know nothing about transmac. I wouldn't bother with that, I would just convert the SDII files to wav on your mac, then transfer them.
converting software

i am going to borrow a mac. Is there some free software i can use to convert sd2 files to wave?
thanks in advance