Old ULN2 - Sound of DA is low end...

Old Metrics

Hi All,

first of all: sorry for my english.

Got owned an old Metric Halo ULN 2 without expansion card.

I tested much material at this interface at the analog Output. I didnt tested the Mic Pres up to now, but i will do this next week.

The Sound is not as nice as my Konnekt 24 D ( TC Electronics). The Metric Halo is sounding just like "coming in the years" i think.

Now, how about the upgrade to the expansion card. Does it make any differences depending to sound? Maybe the better clock, or the better support to my Mac (32 bit)? The old Metric halo is coming with 24 bit support on my Mac - the TC Konnekt comes with 32 bit Depth..

Thanks for your help.
And i feel really sorry for my english!

The 2d card does not change the conversion of the ULN-2. It improves the clock, adds optical I/O and increases the DSP power by 5x.

I believe you are confused about "32 bit"; both the ULN-2 and the TC gear use 24 bit converters. The ULN-2 processes internally at 80 bits.

Either your unit is damaged or you have very different expectations of the ULN-2 than most people; it is well known for its sound quality and is used in mastering studios around the world.
Hello Allen,

now, i did some recordings with piano and voice.
But, here is the same: it sounds thin, no warmth, no Timbre in the voices, no Overtones, no colors - dead.
I am using Beyerdynamics MC 930 Mics in Stereo Set Up.

I was soo lucky to get an Metric Halo Product. I learned everything about this box before it comes this days, and now i am so disappointed. :(

I cant understand, that everybody is thankfull about this Conversion. I expected something really professional, so i lost much money here - but now??
Maybe it has something to do with my skill in recordings?
Please help me:(
Look at this thread:

Why? This thread also seems to have been started by you, expressing the same dissapointment you have done here. As Allen mentioned, possibly your unit has some problem, in which case you need to contact your local distributor. If you are in Germany, go to http://www.mhlabs.de/index.html, I am sure that Stephan will be glad to help you.


Hi Mark,

my english has lifted the secret?;)

Ok, i try to phone to Stephan, but i don't think that he will be glad to listen to my tears...:(

Thanks for posting, and having the courage and honesty to admit something (which with hindsight may be obvious) but which could happen to any of us :thmbup:

So, the burning question - how do you now find the sound of the ULN 2?

kind regards

Sound is (what everybody is saying):

dry, clear, not too much from everything, no hifi - just pro :thmbup:

And, it takes me on a serious trip in to the recording world - with no exit ;)

Thanks for your help :)
Something must be mentioned:

Stefan Bahr, Metric Halo Germany, has absolutely professionell knowledge about their products. I asked him many things in super detail and he gives support in all kinds of.
He is not a Seller, he is a Pro!

So thanks a lot for support.:)