on the fence with 16 or 32 Gb of RAM for new M1 Pro...


Im upgrading my 2011 iMac with a new M1 Pro (10core), so this upgrade will be a whole new world (software into Big Sir, LPX into 10.7, etc). I tend to hold on to hardware as long as possible so this new evolution has left me on the fence with RAM. I know everyone is saying "if you can afford it —up sell yourself" but my everyday use and LPX (8-10 tracks, mostly real instr/with modest plugins, little use of soft instr) would probably(?) be fine at 16. Still in the new environment, usage, and software leaves me wondering.

Curious to hear current M1 LPX users are experiencing. Any regrets under-spec'ing your Mac or see 'no need' for the 32? Granted 32 might be the best future proofing for the next 7-10yrs- hopefully ;)


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Put in as much RAM as you can afford. Speaking for myself, I would go straight for 64 GB, though my uses may be different to yours. In any case, bear in mind that the amount of RAM cannot be changed afterwards for any of the ARM Macs, you will have to live with whatever you order.

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Hi Mark thanks for your take.
SoC—yes exactly why im posing the question. 10 yrs ago I could just buy more RAM — Apple put the kibosh on that. My DAW case use as stated above is modest—up to 8 tracks most real instruments, few software instruments and a modest amount of plugins.

for future proofing I'm avoiding the M1 and settling on the M1 Pro chip (If history repeats itself the M1 will be the first to be left out in the cold with future OS updates). For me the M1 Max is a wasted upgrade just to get to 64. I'd never take advantage of the extra GPU. ya know, if the 16-32 upgrade was 200 it would be a no brainer but at 360, it makes me think eight times about the 'need'.