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Tom Swift

The new forum is fine- but I hate reading threads which contain stuff like this:


Do I REALLY need to worry about wrinkles during my sessions? :brkwl:


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Do I REALLY need to worry about wrinkles during my sessions? :brkwl:

Only if it makes them go away ;)

Seriously, let me make one or two comments about that.

First of all, google ad sense, the system we have in place here, will "learn" over a course of time which sort ads are suitable to the forum, so you may want to think hard and fast about getting those wrinkles treated, the reminders may go after a while.

Secondly, as there are costs involved in running a forum such as we now have - hosting, maintenance, purchasing the software + yearly update fees - we simply have no choice but to allow some advertising. We discussed what form it could take at great length when building the site, trying to strike a balance between lots of prominent advertising space bringing in more revenue, but possibly being seen as too intrusive by the users of the forum, and an absolute minimum, such as the banners appearing at the top of each page, which simply would not bring enough.

It is early days yet, please bear with us both with this and plenty of other details in the forum.

kind regards

Mark Cahill

Orren Merton

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To add to what Mark said, let me also mention that as the link in the "Services" tab will tell you, for those people who really don't like ads, we are intending to offer an annual subscription of $10, which will remove the ads for the subscriber (as well as offer other benefits). We are currently in the testing phases, it's not ready yet, but it will be very soon.