Logic Pro 9 One or Multiple Audio Files Changed in Length


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I mistakenly began a recent project at 44.1k. After realizing my error I copied and converted the files in the bin to 48k in a new folder and changed the audio setting in Logic and my Hardware to reflect the new sample rate. Everything seemed fine and I continued with the song throughout the day. Today when I reopened the project I get the following message:

One or Multiple Audio Files Changed in Length
As a result, 65 audio regions changed in length or content position.

And sure enough, that is true. The regions are all out of time and I can't figure out how to fix it. When I look in the bin, the files are all 44.1k. How can I get it back to how it was? I suppose I could start a new project with all the converted files, redo my edits, plugins and automation but man if that doesn't sound like a loss of a day.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Hmmm, you seem to have done the correct procedure, it seems Logic rereferenced the original files.

Try replacing them (in the finder , with the 48k files from the other folder)
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Thanks for replying, though not sure I understand the suggestion. I've tried dragging the 48k files from the mac's finder window into logic's bin, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Is that what you meant?
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No, I mean swap the files over in the finder while Logic is closed.

say it's looking referencing the (wrong) 44.1 files in folder A, meanwhile the correct files you converted are in folder B.

Either replace the files in folder A with those in B (they have the same names, right?) or just rename folder A to something else and rename folder B r=to folder A.

When you open Logic, it should be looking for the files in folder A, which are now the 48kHz files
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Hello. I am experiencing a similar problem with a project I hadn't opened for several months. No one else has access to the file so I can't imagine why anything would have changed, but all of my vocal edits are now displaced a second or so to the left and sound a bit out of tune. I see my original audio files in my project folder. Is it being suggested here that somehow those files could have been altered?
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