One-take midi recording question


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¿One-take midi recording question?

Hi guys,
need a hand in structuring a project to record MIDI notes, split by pitch
My setup is
Macbook Pro 2.9 13" OSX 10.8.3
Logic Pro 9.1 + NI Elements
Midipipe (if necessary)
MAX/MSP + Monome grid and arc interfaces

I'm triggering improvised polyrithmic melodic patterns and would like to be able to

a) record each octave separately in one pass (!)
b) assign a different softsynth to each octave
c) playback the midi and mix to audio

when I create multiple instrument tracks I've noticed that I can only hear the track that is "in focus".
I think I could bypass this limitation by creating an empty environment and then

1) add some kind of midi splitter
2) create x number of instrument tracks, each with its own softsynth
3) connect each instrument/fader to the midi-splitter
4) arm all tracks and record in one take
5) playback, add effects, and mix as usual

Is this the proper procedure or am I adding unneccessary steps to the process?