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Hey guys, this month I was forced back to Digiland after almost a year without using PT. Certainly my love for Logic grew stronger during these last 10 days, especially because the sessions i had to transfer to PT were recorded and edited on Logic, so the contrast was even more apparent.

Even though my confidence on Logic was renewed, there are some things that PT does way better then Logic, and I want to know why.

No. 1: Dragging mute automations, region corners is very swift on PT, while in logic it seems a bit dodgy. Every time I drag a mute automation in Logic the line starts blinking like mad and precision is really hindered by this.

No 2: Tab to transient in PT works like a charm, its fast and efficient while in Logic, the "marquee + shift + right arrow" is weird and slow.

Anyone has any ideas?

Orren Merton

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there are some things that PT does way better then Logic, and I want to know why.

One thing to keep in mind is the different heritage of each application. Pro Tools was originally developed as an audio engineering tool. It was designed to be a recording studio, and from the ground up, it was developed to aid engineers in the act of editing and mixing. It was only later that MIDI and composition tools were added. As such, those tend to be far less powerful, and more "tacked on" than in Logic.

Logic began as a MIDI sequencer and a composition tool. Audio was added later. Over the years, Logic has developed quite powerful, flexible, and intuitive audio tools, but sometimes it's MIDI heritage results in less intuitive implementations than PT's "audio-centric" implementations.

Ultimately, all these apps are moving towards each other, so over time I'd expect PT's MIDI to keep getting more powerful and intuitive, and Logic's audio weaknesses to keep getting smoothed over.

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O.K. but do you have any ideas on the topics I pointed out?
Is it only me that is getting these weird automation lines, that blink when I move them, instead of being dragged smoothly over the arrange window? What about item 2?
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