Ones and Zeros


I'm not sure if this is a JP80 question or a DAW question, but I think it's a DAW question regardless of the outboard gear.

If I was to track my keyboard (JP80) using the USB port would I actually be better off rather than using my AD converters? I'm assuming this way would eliminate any quality issues that I may incur due to the fact that I don't have REALLY good converters, not to bad but not AMAZING!

Nuances I know, but 1000 nuances make noise.


Pete Thomas

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In theory, staying in the digital domain would be better, otherwise there are two sets of conversion: the sound modules D/A and the interfaces A/D.

Much depends on what the A/D converters are like, plus the fact that some people purposely convert digital to analogue, one person's "noise" might be another's "analogue warmth".

In the end, if you can't hear any difference it doesn't matter, if you can - decide whether the difference is better or worse. But there is no "objective" measurement usually.

Having said that, when I used external modules, I would stay digital if possible, even if I couldn't hear a difference (usually the case) just because it seemed "correct".
Important point: Make sure your system is clocked correctly.

Does your JP 80 have a digital in? If not, make sure that you put Logic's clock mode into digital or external (you will find it in the song settings/synchronization settings, second tab I believe. Change the setting to external, or the setting that includes that, not the MTC ones for sure.

You can check to see if this is going to be an issue by playing your JP80 anyways. If it isn't clocked properly, you are going to hear little clicks every second or more. Don't know the keyboard or the way your studio is digitally set up, so I can't be any more specific that that...

Hey Pete, do you know anything about this keyboard?


Ok, thanks to both of you.. Much appreciated.

Well that would explain the pops and clicks, I just thought buffer, obviously not. So I've tried out what you said and I'm not entirely sure which settings your referring to? I've posted a pic of the location..No the board only has a digital out.

General...Audio....Midi....? I can't see any option for external, under sync mode?


P.S I've just moved so it's not set up, it's just a JP80 connected Via USB to my mac running Logic 9.1.5.. Painful.


The settings are in Logic, not the keyboard, which I know nothing about.

Like I said, 2nd tab... the one marked "Audio" in the same window you have a pic of, and set to "external or free".